Door with cross for Easter in Malta

Easter in Malta

Malta is huge with holidays and Easter is a special one for the island. Read about Maltese Easter traditions.

People sitting at plaza mayor in Madrid
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A Locally Abroad Weekend in Madrid

It is time to go on a Locally Abroad Weekend in Madrid. Pack your suitcases and get some inspiration from this travel tips.

Tips, Weekends Locally Abroad

A Locally Abroad Weekend in Rome

Spending a locally abroad weekend in Rome, can be so amazing if you know were to go. get some ideas here.

Woman sitting at the Malecón in Havana
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International Women´s Day in Cuba

Learn how international women’s day is celebrated in Cuba! Candy gifts and celebrations for modern women!

Havana, the malecon at sundown

Talk Cuban to Me

Ever wondered how Cubans talk and you do not want to be an outsider anymore? Check out these Cuban expressions!

girl in bee costume and floats at the carnival in Malta

Carnival in Malta

Every year there is a big celebration of the carnival in Malta. Learn all about the tradition and celebrate with us.

Triton Fountain Valletta Malta
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What to do on a Rainy Day in Malta?

Malta has 300 sunny days. But what to do on the few days that are just ugly and rainy. Find some tips here and don't let the rain mess up your time in sunny Malta.

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Finding an Apartment in Malta

Finding an apartment in Malta can be tricky. On my blog I give you some tips on how to find the best place to stay.

view on Valetta Malta
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How to find a Job in Malta

Malta has a lot of opportunities for job seekers and talented people. Here I have some tips on how to find a job in Malta.

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Walk around in Sliema

Sliema is not just a posh city in Malta, it has a lot of hidden gems to offer, join me on a stroll around Sliema.