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Why traveling​ and moving around is a Privilege!

Here are some rather serious thoughts I have once in a while when I read travel blogs and browse in travel and nomad groups on Facebook and Couchsurfing. Traveling and the life on the road is a huge privilege, that some do not even know about because they are not aware of it.  Being a German passport holder opens many places to me to travel and to live.

Traveling is something that should be celebrated; indeed it is one of the most wonderful things that exist. It is amazing that so many people quit their job, left university and just spend, months and years traveling and getting to know different parts of the world.
Yes, it opens your mind and frees your spirit. In a nutshell, it is just the best damn experience for most of the people. That is the reason why a huge travelers community exists and why can enjoy so many great blogs and books written by individuals who can fit their life in a backpack and a laptop and just go there!

But for traveling, you need more than a free mind and a comfortable backpack. I am not referring to the extra portion of courage that you might need or the fact that you need to make money to go on the road. It is simple, believe me traveling is a privilege, and it sometimes depends on where you were born.

Traveling and making a life on the road depends on your passport! If you have for example a European passport, most of the countries let you in without any hassle, if you don’t there sometimes is not even a thing like traveling.
You cannot grab your bag, buy a plane ticket and go abroad. A simple trip may mean, lines in the embassy, limitations and a lot of money and paperwork. If you are from some countries, there is no option for you to go away as a tourist, you have to be invited by someone, someone that makes her or himself responsible for you. Sometimes it might be hard to go to a country where you do not know a single soul.
You cannot be a traveler if you are a potential immigrant to almost all the countries you try to visit.
It is not impossible, but it is hard work and consuming to figure out how to travel to one country! It makes life on the road almost impossible even if you can afford it.

Traveling is a privilege! Keep this in mind, everytime you have a hard moment on the road!

Keep traveling!

2 thoughts on “Why traveling​ and moving around is a Privilege!”

  1. Hi

    We liked your summary. It is totally true. Last year one of our Indian friends wanted to make a travel around in Europe. It took him and also us many visits at official places.

    An important fact we are missing in your post is: working one hour in Europe and travelling with the earned money to India is a great difference than the opposite.
    In the aforementioned example of my Indian friend he could only afford the tickets to Germany. The money for the trip itself we lend him.

    So also we, from western countries, can make “the privilege” possible for everyone with a little effort .

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    1. Hey

      Thanks very much for the comment! It is very true!

      I am happy that you made the trip possible for your Indian friends and I really hope that they enjoyed Europe and Germany.

      What I wanted to express with the post is not just that money is a big factor but also Visa issues can make a trip hard even if you can afford it. Having experienced it on my own what privileges one, let’s say German passport can offer you compared to other nationalities. German passport holders have 160 countries to travel to without having to care about visas.
      Other nationalities have to through more to get the permission to travel to a place.

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