Welcome, Everyone! Bienvenido! Willkommen! Bem-Vindo!

This Blog is about living abroad but feeling local and discover local culture and hidden gems. I started it once I packed my suitcases again and moved to another country to call it home. My new chosen home, is Malta, a small rock in the Mediterranean with a huge amount of history, culture and a lot more.

Me that is a girl born in Germany, with German-Rumanian roots, that always loved traveling and dreamed of a life living in different countries. The last couple of years that became true when I moved to Havana (Cuba) and lived there with my boyfriend, showing people from all over the world how to be a local in the City.

But time had come to move on, and so we packed our bags and went for a new local adventure!

And this is what this blog is all about: a mixture of travel and moving abroad tips combined with my own stories and daily adventures! Sometimes there will Spanish and German posts, as I celebrate everything international.

The name describes the blog and my life pretty exact! Being abroad but being local, is my passion.


Dale Click aquí para ver la explicación en español!

Klicke hier um die Beschreibung auf Deutsch zu lesen!

LOVE in Malta, St Julians


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