Typical Maltese boat colorful laying in harbor
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Sundays in Marsaxlokk

The Weekends are always the most special time of the week and of course, everyone wants to do something special or just unwind.

Malta offers a lot of activities for active and lazy weekend planning. One of my favorites for a Sunday in sunny Malta is a trip to the cozy fishing village Marsaxlokk combined with a dip in Saint Peter’s Pool.

Every Sunday there is a huge fish market in the village that offers freshly caught fish, vegetables, local products and all kinds of other stuff. The best part of it is that the fish is sold to the nearby restaurants and served for lunch and dinner on the same day. If you like fish that is your place to have a real feast!

One of the restaurants that can be recommended is the “La Nostra Padrona” the selection of fish and seafood is stunnishing and the dishes are executed perfectly! It is highly recommended for a special experience!

After strolling around the market and enjoying a great lunch, consider a trip to natural Saint Peter’s pool. You can take your own or rented car or consider a taxi (15Euro) or one of the Boat taxis (starting at 4Euros). For hiking and walking fans it can be easily reached by foot as well, just use a lot of protection from the sun if you go in summer and remember to carry a lot of water.

On the rocky seaside and in the crystal clear water it is easy to fight the heat and to have a great time. The natural pool is perfect to jump from cliffs and to snorkel and float in the water.

That place is a little crowded on summer Sundays but empty during weekdays so you can choose what you prefer. It is definitely one of the best places to spend a hot day in Malta.

Pool, coast In Malta , people on beach
Saint Peter’s Pool on a Sunday (My tip: take a turn and lay down a little left of it, more shade and fewer people! )



Maltese rabbit and wine
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Food in Malta

I love food, honestly who does not? One of the biggest advantages of being abroad is to try new flavors and dishes. Since Malta is an international place there is a lot to try here!

But let’s start off with typical Maltese food and traditional dishes!


Pastizzi is popular Maltese pastry filled with Ricotta cheese, peas or Spinach. You can get it in any Pastizzeria in Mata. Those places are on every corner and sell pizza, pastizzi, and pies. The Pastry is very tasty, but if you would like to save some calories a pastizzi might not be the Snack for you!


A Ftira is a Sandwich with typical Maltese bread, tuna, and tomatoes and it it is really tasty. especially if it is freshly made. The bread is white and crunchy and if they add some of the typical Gozonian Cheese it is even better! I really recommend trying a Ftira while you are exploring Malta.


Sandwich tuna in Malta with chips
Tasty Ftira!




The Rabbit Stew is one of the most traditional Maltese dishes and if it is properly made it is delicious. It is a rather heavy stew served with potatoes and sometimes salad. The Stew is flavored with a lot of spices, especially cumin. I really recommend to try it in a traditional place that seems family run. Those serve the best rabbit!




Maltese food, pizza and rabbit potatoes and wine
Enjoying a Maltese Dinner



Seafood and Fish

Of course, there is a lot of fish and seafood here, Malta is still an island!  The best seafood and fresh you can find are Sundays in Marsaxlokk, a beautiful fishing village in the South. On Sundays, they have a huge fish market and on the seafront, there are a lot of restaurants serving the freshly caught fish.


fish platter , Malta, fish, shrimp and calamar
A Fresh Fish Platter


The “Maltese Platter”

This dish is a nice platter to order in a restaurant if you want to share something really tasty.  Usually, it is a platter full of Maltese cheese (Ġbejna), sausages, sun dried tomatoes, capers, olives and dips made out of beans and tuna! That is a great way to try local specialties like the goat cheese and of having one of those meals you will not forget!


platter of tomatoes, dip salad, bread Maltese specialities
A Maltese Platter! 


Soon there will be more, including the tasty Maltese Sweets and a post about Restaurants!

Keep posted and enjoy some Maltese dishes!